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Rules for contributors and users

  • Content: Combinatorics Wiki wants to keep its content accurate and up to date, please make sure that all content submitted and edited is of high standard. Please make sure that all such content fits well with the existing content and flow of the pages you edit. Moderators of each problem area reserve the right to remove and/or edit any content that is not up to that standard, or correct mistakes that are pointed out.

  • Anonymity: Combinatorics Wiki will not allow for any anonymous editing. In order to become a contributor or a registered user, please contact a moderator. All users will have a rank, a personal page within the wiki, and a user name that is easily identifiable to other users. This is mostly to allow for collaboration and refereeing of content submitted by other users. Original work done by contributors should be pointed out as such.

  • Rank: Users are encouraged to comment on original work (at the bottom of the page). Rating of original work should be composed of the ranks of supporting users. Please get in touch with the chief moderator in order to update your rank (it is 1 by default). All users will have a rank according to the following scale:
    • User - 1.
    • Advanced User - 3. Reserved for users holding a PhD.
    • Expert User - 7. Reserved for users holding a PhD and a permanent academic position (such as A. Professor).

  • Fair Use: Please keep personal links outside of the main content, preferably only in your personal wiki homepage. Links to personal websites are allowed however if the sites contain additional information. Such links should be included in the "external links" section at the bottom of the relevant page. Links to sites that explain basic concepts are allowed within the text where appropriate.

  • Copyright: Make sure that all the content you submit is well referenced. If you submit original work please mention this in the body of the text. Combinatorics Wiki will not take responsibility for copyright violations by contributors. Note that all the content of Combinatorics Wiki is protected by the GNU Free Documentation License, and therefore any use of the work presented here must be credited to the appropriate contributors.

  • Our Rules: Combinatorics Wiki will update this page from time to time. It is up to users and contributors to keep themselves updated with our rules.