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About Combinatorics Wiki

Combinatorics Wiki is a wiki presenting the latest results on problems in various topics in the field of combinatorics. Combinatorics Wiki will only allow updates by active expert researchers in their fields, with the following goals:

  • Creating a stable venue for researchers to announce published and pre-published work in real time. As many of the existing problems, in particular in extremal theory are of highly competitive nature, where new results very often supersede existing results, an up to date resource listing the most current results is therefore essential to the community working in a specific field. Taking into account the long time it can take to publish mathematical papers, it can be very helpful to announce and briefly describe new findings before the actual publication.
  • Creating an extensive peer-reviewed source of information, allowing for new and existing researchers to stay up to date with work done by others in their field.
  • Keeping a detailed history of previous work, findings, publications and results, in a simple user friendly wiki format.
  • Allowing registered users to review and comment on unpublished and published work by other users.
  • Giving supervisors and students ideas for new projects and open problems.
  • Creating a stable community of researchers in different areas, and promoting collaborations.


If you are using combinatoricsWiki, then we would like to ask you to cite the site as follows.

If you are using a specific page in combinatoricsWiki, say the "The degree-diameter problem" page, then it would be better to cite the page as follows.

  • E. Loz, H. P\'erez-Ros\'es and G.Pineda-Villavicencio (2010). The degree-diameter problem, Combinatorics Wiki,

List of problem areas

List of open problems

Some open problems in areas covered by CombinatoricsWiki. When adding new problems, it would be helpful to indicate the likely level of difficulty and whether the problem might be suitable for research students.

List of video channels

Supporting organizations


Newsletters of the Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia

Meetings, seminars and talks

Links to upcoming talks which may be of interest to researchers in the problem areas covered by Combinatorics Wiki.

Mirka Miller's Combinatorics Webinar Series

Employment Opportunities

Members of the Combinatorics Wiki community are welcome to advertise research internships, postdoc positions and other research and teaching openings in their respective institutions and others.

Combinatorics Wiki rules

Please read our rules of use of Combinatorics Wiki.

Note for potential new contributors and moderators

We are always interested in extending our list of problem areas. Please contact our moderators with new ideas and suggestions. New registered users, editing help can be found here (including adding pages, using mathematical formulas and embedding videos).