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Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia (incorporated 8th July 1996)


Thanks to all CMSA members who have sent information for this newsletter. Please send news as soon as you have anything of possible interest to CMSA members and the Combinatorial Community, even if no newsletter is imminent! Please email the Newsletter Editor (Kevin McAvaney): kevin.mcavaney at

CLOSING DATE for Issue 39: 31 March 2014. (Please email items to the newsletter editor ONLY in plain text.)

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Aims of the newsletter

  • To promote combinatorics within Australasia.
  • To provide a forum for sharing combinatorial and related information.
  • To keep CMSA members informed and in touch with combinatorial and related matters.

Workshop and conference announcements

57th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society

The 57th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society will be held at the University of Sydney from 30th September to 3rd October, 2013.

There will be a Special Session for Combinatorics at which Prof Nick Wormald will be the keynote speaker.

More information

Conference website:
Session Organiser: Leanne Rylands, L.Rylands at

37ACCMCC December 2013

The 37th Australasian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing (37ACCMCC) will be held at the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia, 9-13 December 2013.

Invited speakers

  • Matt DeVos (Simon Fraser University)
  • Vida Dujmović (University of Ottawa)
  • Graham Farr (Monash University)
  • Bill Martin (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
  • Dillon Mayhew (Victoria University of Wellington)
  • Primož Potočnik (University of Ljubljana)
  • Tamás Szőnyi (Eötvös Loránd University)
  • Nick Wormald (Monash University)


The registration fees are as follows (in Australian dollars):
CMSA Life Member $300 ($360 after 11 Nov)
Unwaged $150 ($180 after 11 Nov)
Others $325 ($385 after 11 Nov)

More Information

Conference website:
Director: Prof Gordon Royle, 37accmcc at

Recent news of CMSA members and others

Catherine Greenhill, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of New South Wales, has been promoted to Associate Professor, effective 1 January 2014. Congratulations Catherine.

Position Vacant

The School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences at RMIT has a new position available: Associate Professor in Mathematical Science.

Due date for application: 10 October 2013.

For details please see the website and search on system reference number 548165.

The Australasian Journal of Combinatorics

The website for the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics is

The Journal is published three times per year: in February, June and October. From the end of 2013, ALL volumes will be available free online at the journal's website, and paper volumes will cease; the journal will be "diamond open access" with no costs to either authors or readers.

Visit and sign up to subscribe to email notices whenever new papers are published. This will happen about nine times per year, with each volume uploaded in three batches. We expect the first batch in Volume 58 (February 2014) to appear online later this year. If you prefer RSS feeds, a facility enabling this will appear on the website in November.

The contents of all volumes, 1 to 57, are listed at the above web page. We also now have free public access to the full papers in Volumes 1 to 51 inclusive. Currently all but the last two years are available for free, and at the end of 2013 ALL volumes will be freely available.

Submissions to the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics may be sent to Only pdf files are required at submission stage.

ISSN: 2202-3518 (online, from end 2013); 1034-4942 (paper, to end 2013).


Kevin McAvaney, Australia.
Email: kevin.mcavaney at