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Thanks to all CMSA members who have sent information for this newsletter, CMSA E-Newsletter 51, issued April 2018.

Please send news as soon as you have anything of possible interest to CMSA members and the combinatorial community, even if no newsletter is imminent! Email items to the Newsletter Editor (Kevin McAvaney): kevin.mcavaney at ONLY in plain text please.

CLOSING DATE for Issue 52: 30 June 2018.

Old newsletters can be found here.

Aims of the newsletter

  • To promote combinatorics within Australasia.
  • To provide a forum for sharing combinatorial and related information.
  • To keep CMSA members informed and in touch with combinatorial and related matters.

Workshop and conference announcements

41ACCMCC December 2018

The 41st Australasian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing (41ACCMCC) will be held at the Millennium Hotel, Rotorua, New Zealand, 10-14 December 2018. The conference programme will include invited speakers, contributed talks in parallel sessions, a conference dinner and presentation of the CMSA prize for the best student talk, an excursion, and the CMSA Annual General Meeting. Researchers in any area of discrete mathematics and its applications are warmly invited.

Invited speakers include

  • Dr John Bamberg, University of Western Australia
  • Prof Chris Godsil, Univesity of Waterloo, Canada
  • Dr Anita Liebenau, University of New South Wales
  • Prof Mike Steel, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Prof Ian Wanless, Monash University, Australia

More Information

Organising Committee Chair: Nicholas Cavenagh
Conference website:
Contact: nickc at

More combinatorics conferences

The 4th Scottish Combinatorics Meeting, Edinburgh, UK, 26-27 April 2018

International Conference on Recent Trends in Graph Theory and Combinatorics (ICRTGTC18), Cochin, Kerala, India, 26-29 April 2018

London Combinatorics Colloquia (QMUL and LSE), London, UK, 9-10 May 2018

Japanese Conference on Combinatorics and its Applications (JCCA 2018), Sendai, Japan, 20-24 May 2018

Graphs, groups, and more: celebrating Brian Alspach’s 80th and Dragan Marušič’s 65th birthdays, Koper, Slovenia, 28 May – 1 June 2018

Combinatorics 2018, Arco, Italy, 3–9 June 2018

The 25th Postgraduate Combinatorics Conference, LSE, London, UK, 4-6 June 2018

Discrete Mathematics Days, Seville, Spain, 27-29 June 2018

6th Gdańsk Workshop on Graph Theory (GWGT 2018), Gdańsk, Poland, 1-4 July 2018

Building Bridges II: Laszlo Lovasz is 70, Budapest, Hungary, 2–6 July 2018

10th International Colloquium on Graph Theory and Combinatorics, Lyon, France, 9–13 July 2018

Conference on Combinatorics and its Applications (for Charlie Colbourn’s 65th birthday), NTU, Singapore, 14-16 July 2018

FPSAC2018 (Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics), Hanover, USA, 16–20 July 2018

Graphs and Groups: Representations and Relations (G2R2), International Conference and Summer School, Novosibirsk, Russia, 6-19 August 2018

Recent news

Monash University

Congratulations to Nick Wormald of Monash University who is an invited speaker in the Combinatorics section of the 2018 International Congress of Mathematicians, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1-9 August 2018

Congratulations to Daniel Horsley, who was awarded a 2017 Hall medal, by the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications (ICA). The Hall medal recognises extensive quality research with substantial international impact by Fellows of the ICA in mid-career.

Ian Wanless won $14,000 on the TV quiz show, The Chase Australia, on Channel 7 on Wednesday 28 February 2018. This was his share of $28,000 won jointly with another contestant. Naturally, he took the opportunity to promote combinatorics.

Kerri Morgan and Michael Brand have left Monash. Kerri is now a lecturer in computer science at Deakin University and Michael is Chief Data Scientist at Telstra.

University of Western Australian

Congratulations to John Bamberg, who was also awarded a 2017 Hall medal, by the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications (ICA).

Also congratulations to Binzhou Xia, who was awarded a 2017 ICA Kirkman medal. This medal recognises excellent research by Fellows or Associate Fellows of the ICA early in their research career.

University of Mebourne

Binzhou Xia was appointed a lecturer in graph theory in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. He commenced this position in November 2017. His research interest lies in the areas of algebraic graph theory and group theory.

University of Newcastle

Dushyant Tanna was awarded a PhD in December 2017 for his thesis Graph Labelling Techniques, supervised by Joe Ryan. Dushyant is now Data Analyst at Hireup in Sydney.

University of Wollongong

Emeritus Professor Jennie Seberry has had a new book published recently by Springer: Orthogonal Designs, Hadamard Matrices, Quadratic Forms and Algebras. She also has a new splashback in her kitchen, shown here. It contains a Hadamard matrix of order 40.


The Australasian Journal of Combinatorics

The website for the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics is

We are pleased to announce that Sanming Zhou from the University of Melbourne is joining Elizabeth Billington as a joint Editor-in-Chief. The website also lists the Managing Editors, several of whom are new.

The Journal is now online only, free for readers and authors (so it is a 'diamond open access' journal). There are three volumes per year, with each volume closing in February, June and October, matching the time of publication of the old paper volumes. Volumes are currently being uploaded in three batches. Part 1 of Volume 71 has been uploaded, and part 2 will appear online shortly.

Visit and sign up to subscribe to email notices whenever new papers are published. The contents of all volumes, 1 to 71(1), are listed at the above web page.

Submissions to the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics may be sent to Only pdf files are required at submission stage. There will be a special issue in honour of Anne Penfold Street appearing soon.

The Journal is now indexed by Scopus from Volume 13 (1996) onwards, and by Thomson Reuters "Emerging Sources Citation Index" from 2015 on.

ISSN: 2202-3518 (online only, after 2013); 1034-4942 (paper, before 2014).


Kevin McAvaney, Australia.
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